Friday, the 13th - an extra lucky day?!


FRiday the 13th – a lucky day?
Definitiv Yes and no!

0.1% of the Germans are morbidly afraid of Friday the 13th, so much that they do not leave the house on this day and cancel all trips and appointments.
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Where does the fear of Friday the 13th come from?

The reputation of the number 13 was not bad from its birth. Since the introduction of Christianity, however, 13 has gone downhill. Christian representatives have devoted themselves to its predecessor, the number 12. After all, there are 12 apostles, 12 signs of the zodiac, the day can be divided into 2x 12 hours, the year counts 12 months... we are pretty sure, that you recognize a certain trend. 😉 The 13 has been declared the bogeyman of the nation. Not surprisingly, after all, every religion needs a scapegoat and 13 came in handy here. At the Last Supper, 12 people took part. Jesus and his 11 disciples. The 13th to join them was Judas, who is known to have betrayed Jesus.
Besides the Bible, there are also fairy tale references that 13 is an unlucky number. After all, it is the 13th fairy who is not invited to the feast, and therefore curses the poor Sleeping Beauty.
In addition, 12 denotes a dozen, a very popular unit of measurement in those days, whereas 13 is known in German as the "devil's dozen". It exceeds the self-contained system of 12 and, on top of that, is a prime number that can only be divided by one and itself. Oh my God, how evil is that! 😱
The superstition even led so far that nowadays the 13th row of seats is often dispensed with in airplanes or the 13th floor in hotels.

Unholy coalition

Why the 13 does not promise anything good and in extreme cases can even bring disaster over the whole mankind (see Jesus), we would have clarified now. But why do we blame Friday?
Friday and the number 13 have not always been wielded as the dream team of evil, but have only been declared super-disaster days in the course of history because, you guessed it, Jesus was crucified on a Friday.
A more modern version is that on 13/10/1929 - a Friday - there was a huge stock market crash in the USA, whereupon most of the people living there lost a lot of money.
Besides that, according to statistics Friday is the most accident-prone day of the week. The reason is heavier traffic. People are commuting home, going on vacation and/or partying into the weekend.
BUT BEWARE: On a Friday the 13th, there are not more accidents than normal. According to statistics, insurance companies register a significant decrease in the number of claims. It is quite possible that people - whether consciously or unconsciously - behave particularly carefully and considerately on that day. Either that or it's because up to 5x more workers call in sick on a Friday the 13th and stay home, where they can't do too much harm - at least in purely traffic terms.

3 x 13

In a calendar year, there can be a maximum of 3 Fridays that fall on a 13th. However, there is at least one Friday the 13th per calendar year for sure. Or as the nerd would put it: The longest possible interval between two Fridays falling on a 13th is 14 months or 61 weeks.

It doesn't matter if you are superstitious or if Friday the 13th is just a normal day for you.
We wish you a lot of fun in our online casino today and are sure that you are brave enough to challenge your fate! 😉