International World Dance Day 2022

World Dance Day


Today we dance through the online casino

Let`s swing your dancing leg! Yes, even headbanging and just tapping with your feet counts. Today - on World Dance Day - we accept no excuses not to do it. Just feel the beat!

From "Flashdance" to Abba's "Dancing Queen" and Lady Gaga's "Just dance" - for decades we have been tempted to dance by musical sounds. One dance that remains an integral part of Western culture is the famous Viennese waltz. Nomen est omen, because the name is derived from the verb "walzen", which means "to spin". So, it's just perfect that we have just the right slots for you - without any dizziness at all, but maybe with some free spins... who knows. 😉



...makes healthy!
As it promotes the formation of new nerve cells into old age. Regular dancing reduces the probability of dementia by up to 76%. So of all sports, dancing is the best prevention against Alzheimer's.

...makes happy!
Because it releases endorphins and dopamine, better known as happiness hormones. Dancing is therefore an ideal antidepressant. Don't give bad moods a chance and literally dance yourself free of them.

...makes smart!
Researchers in the U.S. found that adolescents who danced a lot did better with math tasks and also developed good spatial understanding compared to non-dancers because dancing on a regular base helps to increase concentration.


Outstanding dancers

The fact that dancing is good for us humans and motivates us to peak performance is also shown by the following world records.
🩰 The Asian girl Bandana Nepal danced 126 hours non-stop and holds the current world dance record. She started dancing on November 23rd, 2018 and stopped dancing only 5 days later on November 28th.

🩰 The current world record for the most dance rotations in 1 hour is currently held by Nicole McLaren of Switzerland and stands at 3,552 rotations.

🩰 The Italian Mauro Peruzzi is able to complete 50 breakdance windmills in just 30 seconds, making him the undisputed world record holder since October 2010.

🩰 The world record holder for the most taps is dancer Anthony Morigerato. In 2011, this man managed to do 1,163 taps in just 1 minute.

🩰 The longest dance party known so far took place in Wexford, Ireland and lasted 55 hours.


Why is the whole world dancing on April 29th?

Simply said because it is the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), a French dancer and choreographer who is considered the founder of modern ballet. The International Committee of Dance of the International Theatre Institute (ITI-UNESCO) agreed on this date. This day is intended to break down barriers and bring people together with the universal language of dance.

In this sense:
Have a nice and swinging day!