Get back 10% of your Pre-Match Combo Bets Net Loss in November!



Click on "Opt-in" and place your Pre-Match Combo Bet(s).
Get 10 % Cashback of your net losses in November.



 What ?

We will give you back 10 % of your pre-match combo bet(s) net loss in November up to a max. of € 100. The net loss is winnings minus your stakes. 

 HOw ?

1) Click the "Opt-In" button.
2) Place your pre-match combo bet(s). There is no minimum stake required.

 When ?

22.11.2021, 10:00 hrs (CET) –
28.11.2021, 23:59 hrs (CET)

This is how we calculate the net loss:


total stakes € 200 
total winnings € 50

€ 50 - € 200 = - € 150

The result is negative or a net loss of € 150.
You get € 15 cashback.
(10 % x € 150 = € 15)

total stakes € 100
total winnings € 120

€ 120 - € 100 = € 20

The result is positive or a net win of € 20.
Therefore no cashback is payed out.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The promotion is valid for all registered LOPOCA users.
  • Only users who opted-in via Opt-In Button are qualified for this promotion
  • The welcome bonus cannot be combined with this promotion.
  • This promotion is only valid once per user and acoount.
  • The promotion starts on 22.11.2021 at 10:00 hrs (CET) and ends on 28.11.2021 at 23:59 hrs (CET).
  • The cashback will be calculated as 10 % from the net losses generated from pre-match combi bet(s) in the promotional period. The net losses are calculated like the following: winnings minus stakes. Stakes are extracted from the total winnings amount of the eligible bets and if the number is negative, we will return 10% as cashback. (Example A: Total stakes are € 200 and total winnings are € 50. We calculate the following: € 50 minus € 200 = € -150. The result is a negative net loss. We give you € 15 cashback. --> 10 % x € 150 = € 15;  Example B: Total stakes are € 100 and total winnings are € 120. We calculate the following: € 120 minus € 100 = € 20. The result is positive respectively a net win of € 20. Therefore we give you no cashback. For players from Germany only the net stake amount is calculated towards the promotion i.e € 10 stake will have a € 0.5 tax deduction and € 9.5 will be calculated towards the promotion.)
  • The Cashback funds will be credited directly to the players gaming accounts. The cashback funds must be used in sports betting or casino, they cannot be used to buy nuggets - otherwise the cashback funds will be cancelled.
  • The min. cashback payment is € 1. The max. cashback payment is € 100.
  • Only pre-match combi bets are eligible for this promotion. Single bets are not considered. Combo bets placed in Live and any system bets will not be considered towards the promotion.
  • Bets placed with bonus funds are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Cashback funds will be credited within 48 hours after the end of the promotional period.
  • If any improper or fraudulent behaviour on the part of the player is detected, LOPOCA reserves the right to exclude the player from this offer.
  • LOPOCA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the offer, if it deems it necessary. It is the responsibility of each player to read and understand the terms and conditions and any updates when placing a bet.
  • LOPOCA reserves the right to exclude individual customers from this promotion and to change or terminate offers, bonuses, promotions, etc. at any time without prior notice to the player(s).
  • The LOPOCA Terms of Use apply.