Star Wars Day 2022


May the force be with you!

Today Star Wars fans around the whole world celebrate their beloved hero characters from the famous TV saga.

However, you don't have to dress up as alien or even go on a Star Wars movie marathon. You can simply have a galactic good time with our "out-of-this-world" awesome slots.

Star what?
For those who are familiar with Star Wars, but aren't quite sure what it's all about, here's a quick crash course in 4 steps.

1) Star Wars is a heroic epic by screenwriter, producer and director George Lucas.
  2. 2) The space saga began in 1977. In total there are nine individual films, divided into three trilogies - Episodes 4 - 6 (published between1977 - 1983), Episodes 1 - 3 (published between 1999 - 2005) and Episodes 7 - 9 (published between 2015 - 2019).
  4. 3) All Star Wars episodes are about the constantly ongoing battle between good and evil or rather between light and darkness, depending on which side you belong to. This battle takes place "a very, very long time ago" in a "galaxy very, very far away".
  6. 4) Master Yoda and his Jedi Knights are the good guys. Darth Vader and the followers of the Sith are the bad guys.

Why is Star Wars Day on May 4th?
As a die-hard Star Wars fan, you of course know why this galactic film series is being commemorated today of all days. But in case you don't know, here's a brief explanation.

Probably the most famous phrase in all Star Wars episodes is: "May the force be with you" and that sounds very similar to the English pronunciation of the date "May, the fourth". Fun fact: The first Star Wars movie (Episode IV) premiered in the U.S. on May 25th, 1977, not May 4th.

Star Wars Facts
No movie has influenced pop culture as much as Star Wars. We've put together some fun facts below that you probably didn't know.
According to Forbes Magazine, Star Wars is the most successful project in film history of all time. Over the years, Star Wars merchandising products have generated more than $20 billion. And the trend is still rising.

To this day, it is not known which species Master Yoda belongs to. However, in "The Phantom Menace" he has three toes, while in "The Empire strikes back", "Return of the Jedi" and "Revenge of the Sith" there are four toes on him.

The fight scenes featuring Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi had to be completely re-dubbed, as the actor couldn't resist making laser sword sounds.

Harrison Ford almost didn't become Han Solo. Besides him, Burt Reynolds, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken were among the top contenders for the role.

The tiny South Pacific island of Niue accepts limited edition Star Wars collector coins as legal tender.