Reef Raider™

Get ready and start your raids with the coolest pirate crab this side of Tortuga!

Not all pirates sail the high seas! Some prefer to stay in the shallows. Dive into the colourful world of Reef Raider and find out what he's up to. Reef Raider™ is a 7x7 mechanical cluster slot with lots of features and lots of fun. Five or more adjacent symbols of the same type create a cluster win. Cluster wins trigger the Avalanche™ feature. The reels are surrounded by a "treasure trail" consisting of 15 "meter bars". These bars are initially uncharged, but each time a Clam Wild is removed from the play area due to a Cluster win, 1 bar of the "Treasure Trail meter" is charged. The Reef Raider - a crazy pirate crustacean in search of treasure - moves along this treasure trail as these bars are charged. The special features are located at each of the four corner points along the treasure trail and are activated when the Reef Raider arrives at that point. Features include the Anchor Drop Feature, the Random Wilds Feature, the Mystery Chest Feature and the Canon Explosions Feature. 15 or more charged Treasure Trail bars trigger Free Spins. Think you're a pirate? Let the Reef Raider take you under his wing. For the most fearsome crustacean is unleashed to roam the ocean floor. Go on a raid with the coolest crab!