Rome: The Golden Age™

Hail to the Emporer! Experience the full glory of Rome in Rome: The Golden Age™ and let the games begin!

Rome: The Golden Age™ is a 5-reel video slot, featuring Wild substitutions and Free Spins with a progressive Free Spins Multiplier. In the main game, players collect The Golden Age coins for a chance to win up to x1000 Free Spins Multiplier that they can use in Free Spins. Each coin leaves a golden frame in its place. Should a Rome symbol pop on the reels, all adjacent positions with frames turn into Wild symbols as well as the positions next to them. As players enter Free Spins to the sound of the roaring crowds, each position on the reels spins individually, offering the opportunity to snatch multiple random prizes, the biggest one being up to 50 times the bet. Veni, vidi, vici! Or as players would rather say: “I came, I played, I won!”