Better overview at one glance on the LOPOCA website


1) Depositing made easy

From now on there are no more packages to buy, but you can directly deposit the desired amount of money to your gaming account. First enter your desired amount and then use one of our listed deposit methods.

2) New points calculation system

Every deposit will be calculated in points. Generally, applies: For a deposit of € 25 you will receive one (1) point. At the end of each billing period, your points are cumulatively accounted for. In the example below we show you why this is better for you.

Here is an example for better understanding:
Today you deposit € 20. You don't get any points for it, because the value is less than € 25. Two days later, for example, you pay in again. This time € 30 and the rest of the billing period nothing more. This results in a total of € 50 in deposits in one accounting period. You will receive 2 points for this.

For comparison:
According to the old calculation method you would have received only 1 (one) point, namely for your deposit of € 30, but not for your deposit of € 20, because your deposits were not considered cumulatively.

3) Better team overview in your Gold Club account

Under "My Team" we have created a completely new menu for you to get a better overview of your team and its activities. You will find the following information graphically displayed:

My Team Trends
This bar chart shows you in which LOPOCA products (casino, sports betting or nugget game) your team is making deposits respectively generating revenue and to what extent these are increasing or decreasing. The same applies to the logins of your team members. The last 7 (seven) days are always compared with the 7 (seven) days before. The data is always up to date. 

My Team Activities
This pie chart shows you the percentage of your team members who play the different LOPOCA products - casino, sports betting and the Nugget Game. These figures are also always up to date. Check here regularly to keep track of your team's activities.

New traffic light system
With the help of our new traffic light system you can easily see when the individual members of your team were last online. For example, you can filter by status, username or last online. 

Green means, this person was online in the last 7 days.
Yellow means, this person was online in the last 14 days.
Red means, this person has not been online for more than 14 days

This way you can better assess your team activities at one glance and take appropriate actions if you want to. For example, right here you have the option to send inactive team members a short reminder message directly.

4) Where to find additional infos

In the menu "My Lounge" under "Info-Area" you will find information material in the form of videos and brochures on the individual LOPOCA products, which you are welcome to forward to your team members or use for demonstration purposes. You can also download the welcome bonus template here.