Happy Winners!

Despite the own goal of the German National Team, Louange Bimbou and his two best buddies had lots of fun at the European Championship opening evening for the German National Team. The atmosphere in the Allianz Arena was splendid.

“When the Germans shot an own goal, it was very quiet for a moment, and everyone was like…” what the heck happened now?!” We sat close to the French Fans who cheered of course. Nevertheless, my friends and I had a great time and much fun”, said the 21-year-old soccer fan.

As short reminder: Louange was drawn as the winner from around 200 participants in the LOPOCA Facebook competition - Win your LOPOCA Euro-Package - via a random raffle. His prize: European Championship tickets for the match between France and Germany for himself and two friends, including an overnight stay in a hotel with breakfast in Munich.

The enthusiastic player informed his two best buddies right away, who were pretty much amazed. “I sent one of them a voice message. At first, he thought I was kidding and then I called the other one and he immediately ran to his boss and said that he absolutely needed time off on that date."

Louange will remember this special evening for a long time, as it was his very first live game in the stadium. “The best thing was when I walked into the stadium, straight up the stairs. That was awesome. I am so grateful to LOPOCA that I was able to experience that. Thank you so much”, said the lucky winner.

LOPOCA EM-Package Gewinner

Shortly before the start of the game - The lucky winners of the LOPOCA FB competition in the Allianz Arena
(Louange Bimbou, Tobias Merk und Daniel Tomazic - from left to right in the picture) @Patrick Erhart