International Day of Youth 2021

International Day of Youth 2021

The future is in our children's hands!

Today, on the 12th of August 2021, on the so called "International Youth Day" the young generation is particularly in focus. It is they who are "fighting" on the front line, when it comes to creating a better future for all of us. In order for today's young people to actually be able to do this, it is enormously important that they have access to education and food, as well as a functioning healthcare system.

LOPOCA has made all of this possible for children and young people in Nepal! In this video we show you, why it is so important to help!

LOPOCA Chances invests in the education of children and young people

LOPOCA has been involved in social projects for many years - especially in Nepal, as the second highest country in the world (Tibet is in first place) has a particularly large number of children in need who are faced with daily struggle for survive – and not just because of the poor geographical location.

E.g., in Nepal's capital city – Kathmandu - the LOPOCA Community, together with the Children and Youth First Organization Nepal, has financed a residential school that provides a "home" for around 100 children, where they have a place to sleep, receive medical care and where they are able to learn for life.

In addition, LOPOCA - together with the aid organization Chay Ya Nepal - supported the construction of four more schools, which are attended by nearly 500 children. Furthermore, LOPOCA established various medical points in remote parts of Nepal, which have already often proven to be life-saving in this “difficult-to-access” regions.

Transforming food systems - Youth innovation for the health of people and the planet

This is the motto of this year's International Youth Day. The school children in Nepal exactly know what this means and live it every day. They have their own garden on the school grounds, where they grow plants together with the school staff and their supervisors. The young people also harvest the plants by themselves and then turn them into delicious meals that are served at lunchtime. Even LOPOCA founder Reinhard Meusburger was once there helping to plant a tree in the garden.

Daily exercise is on the agenda

While the Nepalese school children in Kathmandu are busy studying in the classroom in the mornings, sports and exercise are on the agenda in the afternoons. In addition, medical care for the children is ensured on site thanks to LOPOCA.

We from LOPOCA care deeply about young people, which is why we will definitely continue to support them wherever and however we can. Because we believe in second chances, and that everyone deserves one - regardless of social status and country of birth.