LOPOCA celebrates International Pasta Day


LOPOCA celebrates International Day of Pasta

Our amateur chefs at LOPOCA did not expect such hungry colleagues.
But well, who can say no to the national dish of the Italians?
Especially not when pasta is cooked with so much "amore"! ❤️

On October 25, our LOPOCA Employees decided to cook pasta and served different pasta dishes, which were of course tasted by their colleagues. With rumbling stomachs searching for the best pasta chef and under the strict eyes of the jury, we ate everything. Not even one noodle was left. In fact, we ate so quickly that we totally forgot to take even a single picture of the pasta dishes, which were so delicious. We feel terribly sorry for that! 😅

But the decision as to which pasta dish tasted the best was quite easy.
Herewith we proudly presents the result:
All were excellent! 😋


Happy, full and satisfied LOPOCA employees at the lunch table after the pasta tasting.

Finally, we have some pasta facts for you:

The first International Pasta Day took place in 1995, when about 40 pasta manufacturers decided to create the so called World Pasta Congress.
There are about 600 different pasta shapes and types. The three most popular are penne, spaghetti and macaroni.
Spaghetto, by the way, is the singular word of spaghetti.
To find out if the pasta is "al dente," you can throw it against the wall. If they stick to it, they are done literally.
The two main ingredients for pasta are flour and water. That`s it. Optionally, you can add eggs to make the dough a little softer.
Italy exports about 1.7 million tons of pasta annually. The average pasta consumption per capita per year in Italy is about 60 pounds or 27 kilograms.

Current pasta world records:

Of course, we don't want to deprive you of these!😊

Poland set a new Guinness World Record for the largest bowl of pasta.
It weighed 7,900 kg and took 40 chefs more than 19 hours to prepare.

The British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay set a new Guinness World Record
for the longest pasta sheet with a length of 144.78 cm, which he rolled in 60 seconds.