This was the LOPOCA DAY in Malta!


That was the LOPOCA DAY in Malta!

Around 20 participants took the chance to take part in the LOPOCA DAY at the headquarters on the idyllic island state in the Mediterranean Sea and had lots of fun. Here we have summarized the highlights of this special day for you.


We are LOPOCA!

The doors of the Pendergardens Business Centre in St. Julian opened punctually at 09:30 in the morning. The elevator took the visitors up to the fourth floor, where LOPOCA's "hallowed halls" are located. Once there, the participants were greeted and welcomed by the company founder Reinhard Meusburger and the CEO James Papageorgi. For the morning refreshment, a handsome buffet with delicious snacks was ready for the participants. Directors, managers and team members enjoyed the delicious food while listening to the welcome words of the CEO. Always at his side was Sabine Conte, better known as VIP manager and the lady many LOPOCA members know personally or as the friendly voice on the phone. She translated in her charming way the speeches for those present.

Meet&Greet with LOPOCA employees

Throughout the morning, the LOPOCA DAY visitors were given insights into a wide variety of LOPOCA departments, including: legal, HR, finance, business intelligence, support and risk & fraud, as well as casino and sports betting. The LOPOCA employees located there very pleased to answer their visitors' questions. After all, it was a very special day for them as well. They told them about their daily tasks and challenges and the participants visibly enjoyed the office tour. For one or the other there was certainly an "aha" experience included.

Walking Tour through Valletta

At noon, there was once again a rich buffet that left nothing to be desired. Employees and visitors mingled and chatted privately. The afternoon was at free disposal of the participants. Some took this opportunity to visit the nearby Maltese capital Valletta. It is famous for its magnificent churches and palaces. With beautiful weather and a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius, the LOPOCA members explored the old town by strolling through the small, narrow alleys and lingering in one of the delightful cafés overlooking the sea.

Dreamlike scenery for dinner

For dinner, all the visitors met again in the famous Spinola Bay in St. Giulian to dine together. Namely in the gourmet restaurant of the same name "Spinola", from where the LOPOCA DAY visitors could enjoy a breathtaking view over a spectacular illuminated sea as well as an excellent dinner in good company. As a small thank you for their visit, the participants were given a present to remember this special day.