We Wear It Pink!


To all "pink" warriors out there: LOPOCA is with you!

While outside the leaves are turning colorful, inside the LOPOCA Office is turning pink!

October 2021 is the "International Breast Cancer Awareness Month".
Every eighth (!) woman suffers from breast cancer in the course of her life. We at LOPOCA think that every breast cancer patient is one too many. For this reason, we show our solidarity with all affected women and wear pink - to set a visible sign for this sensitive and important health issue. With this action we want to commit to the fight against breast cancer and draw attention to the importance of early cancer detection. Our male colleagues didn't have to be asked twice in this case and also dressed up in (pink) for a day. What's more, cupcakes never tasted so good - that was certainly due to the sweet "Pink Ribbon Topping".

By the way, the next official "Wear it Pink Day" will take place on October, 22:
Let's support each other by reminding ourselves to go for regular check-ups, so that we all can enjoy a long healthy life - It`s worth fighting for!