What is it?

  • A promotion called The Nugget Master.
  • Buy a minimum of 5 EUR worth of Nuggets every day to be in a prize draw to win some AMAZING prizes.


When & Where

How it works

  • Buy 5 EUR worth of Nuggets every day for the month of January, February and March.
  • Don’t miss a day. If you do, don’t worry you have four days to catch up.
  • If you complete the challenge across all three months, then you will be a Nugget Master and this will qualify you to enter into the BIG NUGGET MASTER DRAW.
  • View prizes in the terms below.
Winners February

All 500 € winners:
Racing81, Stibser78, Smiley3
All 100 € winners:
Clanx1, Quadrifolia69, Hugo1509, Hutti07, internetteam24, redo68, chlueteri, Murmeli75, Prapaporn90, sternchen30, Bienemaja4711, joe1956, horst3580, johi86, therese58, VemmaFan2015, Badboy24, breu9444, Uti779, gtpuppe1, Lausbub1964, Luque74, Manc82, Niki78, legende

Promotion Terms

  • This promotion will run from the 1st January 2020 to the 31st March 2020.
  • Existing Users have until the 14th of January to start this promotion and backdate the days missed.
  • Users who qualify will be placed in a draw at the end of each month. Any User who participates across all three months and qualifies will be placed in the BIG NUGGET MASTER DRAW.
  • To qualify for the monthly draw Users must purchase a minimum of 5 EUR of Nuggets per day (price includes trading fees).
  • If someone forgets to buy Nuggets on one specific day he/she can buy double the following day. Again there is four days for people to ‘catch up’ on missed days. However, after the 4th day they will no longer be able to participate if they have not bought the required Nuggets.
  • New Users have a seven day grace period to start this promotion and enter the end of month draws. However, they have to buy nuggets worth over EUR 35 within the first seven days after registration.
  • The prizes at the close of each month are: Three Users will have the chance to win 500 EUR and 25 Users will have the chance to win 100 EUR credited to their Gaming Account.
  • If a User completes the challenge across all three months, then this will qualify the User to enter into the BIG NUGGET MASTER DRAW.
    This draw is offering TEN people the chance to win a three night trip to Malta including economy flights and accommodation at a five star hotel for one person. This prize cannot be exchanged for cash. The winner of this prize has two weeks after they have been informed to claim their prize. The trip will be a group trip and the travel date will be set for a date in June 2020. If a User doesn’t claim the prize or agree to the travel date the prize will be awarded to another User.
  • Winning amount will be credited to each winner's Gaming Account 4 days after the closing of the month.
  • LOPOCA reserves the right to exclude individual Users from this competition and to change or terminate offers, bonuses, promotions etc at any time without prior notice to the User.

LOPOCA Terms of Use apply