26/8/19 – 23/11/19

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Terms and qualification criteria

  • This promotion will run for 90 Days (26th August, 2019 to 23rd November, 2019).
  • For every €10k new deposits (excluding pay ins from Benefits), the User gets 10% bonus.
  • Bonus: 10% on new deposits over €10k. Anything below this amount will not count towards this promotion. For every €10k in deposits you will receive €1k. Maximum deposit amount: €5k per User and maximun payout €10k per User.
  • In the case that €10k will come from the User’s 1st generation directly, the User will still qualify for this promotion.
  • In the case that more than one generation is involved: €10k should come from each generation (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation only, new deposits).
  • Your personal deposit also goes towards the promotion goal.
  • Each User can qualify more than once. In this case, deposits need to be from Users that did not count towards your first qualification.
  • As soon as a User meets the criteria, they must submit their list to the Lopoca Support Team (complete the online form and submit). Although the promotion ends on November the 23rd, you can submit your list(s) until November the 30th 2019.
  • Once the list is reviewed by the Support Team and if the User qualifies, the bonus money will be credited to the User’s Benefit Account.
  • Deposited funds cannot be withdrawn unless fully wagered in the products.

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