This was the Europe Tour in March 2022!


ThIS was the Europe Tour in March 2022

The Europe Tour was a great success, and many users did not miss the opportunity to participate in this year`s second round.

New visitor record

Both in Dornbirn and in Krems, the crowds were enormous. Around 200 participants gathered at the Wirtschaft Dornbirn, while the Römerhalle in Mautern had almost as many attendees a day later, approximately 170 people. This high attendance showed the participants` keen interest in the current happenings.


Good Mood

Reinhard Meusburger's and Beat Nef's statements on the latest developments grasped the audience attention, followed by an energetic Q&A time which was handled with great detail by the two presenters. A spirit of optimism and positivity amongst the participants was characteristic of the events.

In addition, the two presenters briefly reviewed the successful year 2021 and apart from the current running promotions, they also introduced the upcoming big LOPOCA Easter Special.


What happens next?

Take part in the next call to make sure you do not miss a thing. Reinhard and Beat will be there to answer all your questions. Should there be any updates, you will be the first to know! The next Europe Tour will probably take place in two months.