If your gameplay is having a negative impact on you or those around you, and the limits you’ve set are not doing enough to control your play, please consider taking a break for as long as you feel is necessary. The ‘Self-exclusion’ feature is available to players on-site and can also be activated by contacting our Customer Support Services directly. You can choose from one day to one month or more.

If you choose to self-exclude for a certain period, you will not be allowed access to your account before this set period has passed, and you will no longer receive any marketing material from us.

Choose between the following options:

If you feel that you need a longer break from gambling, we strongly advise to take the self-assessment test and to self-exclude for an indefinite period.

See here the self-assessment test.

Once you feel that you are ready to come back, you will be required to contact our Customer Support Services and go through a consideration process after which your account may be re-opened.

Should you contact our Customer Support Services in order to self-exclude yourself, we will also provide you with recommended organisations that may help, should you wish to talk through your gameplay behaviours and habits.

Would you like to permanently pause your account? Please contact our Customer Support Services!